An Ultralight License (ULL) – aka Microlight License in some countries (MPL) – is the easiest accessible option to enjoy the fantastic experience of flying under your own control

Training outline

The training includes 45 hours of ground training and at least 25 hours of flying time. No need to pay entire amount in a single payment at the beginning – you can pay gradually as you fly. Final amount may differ among individual students but in most cases 25 hours of flying is enough. The training is completed by theoretical and practical tests.

Our UL planes

We have new and modern UL machines with accentuated safety – all of them are equipped with parachute rescue system.

Our team is the biggest value we have!

You will be guided by our experienced instructors, sharing their flying experience with you. Their skills were gained in cockpits of jet fighters, commercial aircraft or GA planes in Europe. There is a lot you can learn!

Student pilot requirements

  • Check-up by aviation medicine specialist
  • Minimum age 15 years, no upper age limit
  • 45 hours of ground training
  • The basic outline assumes at least 20 flight hours in training
  • The duration of training is determined by yourself, according to your time and financial capabilities. Usual period is 4 – 8 months

PRICE: 2.962 €

excl. airport charges and 21% VAT

P92 Echo – 20 hours: 2.120 €
Instructor – 20 hours: 688 €
Ground training – 45 hours: 154 €
SUM: 2.962 €


VL3 – 20 hours: 2.880 €
Instructor – 20 hours: 688 €
Ground training – 45 hours: 154 €
SUM: 3.722 €

Why should you have a training with us

  • Your training will be guided by experienced instructors
  • You will fly modern and perfectly equipped aircraft
  • To start with, the training will focus on flying experience in Europe
  • Training without the need of leaving Prague: we are located at the terminal station of subway line C – Praha Letňany
  • Individual approach to each student plus many additional advantages you will appreciate


One of the most favourite UL trainer


One of the fastest UL planes…


…and one of the slowest UL planes 🙂