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How to become a pilot?

You may be unsure whether to start pilot training in General Aviation Aircraft, i.e. a private pilot’s licence, or get a pilot’s licence for ultralight aircraft.

Is it better to start flying ultralights or general aviation aircraft?

Ultralights are aircraft with a maximum weight of up to 600 kg including fuel, crew, luggage and always with a maximum of 2 seats. These aircraft are mainly used for recreational flying, journeys to most European countries and business trips.

Modern ultralights achieve high performance and cruising speeds exceeding 200 km/h. However, you can only fly ultralights in “nice” weather and during the day. You can carry no more than one person, and no commercial activity is allowed on these aircraft, such as carrying passengers for a fee (sightseeing flights, etc.).

Here you can find more information about the comparison between PPL and ULL pilot licences.

Flying UL aircraft is now affordable for everyone

The training requirements for an ultralight pilot are simpler than for a General Aviation Aircraft and the financial requirements for this type of flying are about half those of General Aviation Aircraft.

General Aviation Aircraft – Private Pilot Training

In contrast, for the General Aviation Aircraft, the weight and passenger limitations are determined solely by the type of aircraft. It is up to the pilot to decide which aircraft to fly. You can easily take your whole family of 4 or business partners. To fly these aircraft you will need at least the Private Pilot’s license, PPL(A).

A private pilot’s licence is the first step towards professional flying.

You can gradually acquire more qualifications for this licence, such as night rating, instrument flying (e.g. in clouds), multi-engine aircraft and many others. This licence is suitable for those who want to use the aircraft for business trips, flights abroad or other journeys.

A thousand words can’t describe it, you have to try it out

If you’re still undecided about the certain aircraft or the purpose of flying, book a demo flight to try it all out. At our flight school, one of our experienced instructors will be there to advise you and take you straight for a demo flight with both types of aircraft, which will certainly make the decision easier.

Pilots and English

It is generally known, that the language of aviation is English, BUT….

If a pilot wants to fly only in the Czech Republic, it certainly won’t happen that he/she couldn’t communicate in Czech. You do not need to know English to fly over our homeland. However, English is required to fly abroad and is also required for so-called instrument flying (flying by instruments only without seeing the ground). 

What about the medical examination?

Before starting the practical part of the course you need to pass a medical examination by an Aeromedical Examiner. There is no need to worry about the check-up, most people have no problems passing it. Glasses or fillings in the teeth are certainly not a barrier.

Age limitations

The minimum age for obtaining a ULL(A) pilot licence is 16 years. Therefore, training can be started as early as 15 years of age. There is no maximum age limit. It is only necessary to have a valid medical examination.

To obtain a PPL(A) licence, the applicant must be at least 17 years of age – training can therefore be started as early as 16 years of age. There is no upper age limit. Again, only a medical examination by an Aeromedical Examiner is a prerequisite.

How does the pilot training work?

Training is carried out throughout the year individually, according to the needs of individual students. Therefore, it is not a problem to coordinate the training with a time-consuming profession. In the summer months we normally fly up to 10 pm.

During the training and theoretical lessons you will get the necessary knowledge for actual flying. The practical training in the aircraft usually starts during the theory lessons and the candidate has the opportunity to immediately strengthen the acquired knowledge by practical application.

The first few hours of training are spent with an instructor, followed by a solo flights. However, the first solo flights do not occur until both the student and the instructor are confident that the flight can be performed safely. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the solo flight, this will take place when you feel you can do it yourself.

Come and try flying with us without any commitment

Come and experience what it is like to fly a plane and how the training works. We will answer your questions about the aircraft or training and fly the aircraft for 30-40 minutes.

ULL(A) Training

Pilot licence for ultralight aircraft
3 940 4 696 € including VAT 21 %
  • The price includes:
  • 20 hours of flying on ECHO P92 aircraft
  • 20 instructor hours
  • Theoretical course - 50 hours of training in classroom
  • You don't pay the full amount up front, but as you fly.
  • If you pay for the entire training in advance, you will receive a 5 % discount.

PPL(A) training

Private Pilot's Licence
11 190 13 458 € including VAT 21 %
  • The price includes:
  • 45 hours of flying in Cruiser PS28 aircraft
  • 45 instructor hours
  • Theoretical course - 50 hours of training in classroom
  • We do not charge fuel surcharges
  • You don't pay the full amount up front, but as you fly.
  • If you pay for the entire training in advance, you will receive a 5 % discount.

Pilot courses

Renata Londzinová

Pilot Training Courses

For information about pilot training and for sightseeing flights booking, please call:

The service is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you don’t get through right away, count on us to call you back.

Choose the aircraft you want to start flying…

We love flying the safest and modern aircraft that have the best cockpit equipment

Overview of aircraft for rent

Letňany Airport is the most suitable airport for pilot training

Prague Letňany Airport is located in the controlled airspace of Kbely and Ruzyně, so you will learn how to communicate and fly in these areas from the very beginning

Pilot training in Prague Letňany is ideal for those who want to fly without restrictions throughout the Czech Republic or Europe after obtaining a pilot’s license.


Come and try out what it is like to fly an aircraft and how the training takes place in the AeroPrague flight school. We will answer all your questions about training and choosing the right aircraft.

Start with a course in pilot theory

Explore  the differences between the various licenses.

Let´s do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...
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