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Significantly discounted aircraft rental packages, timebuilding

After transition training on certain aircraft, you can purchase a 20-hour package for your flights at a special low price. The hours must be used within 2 years of purchase and these hours can only be used for flights without an instructor and a maximum of 2 landings per hour.


The package is designed for one type of aircraft, because it is good to fly an aircraft you know well.

We want to motivate you to purchase the single aircraft package so that you can gain as much experience as possible on your chosen aircraft, become familiar with the aircraft type in detail and gain confidence for your solo flights. This of course contributes to a safer flight and gives you confidence for situations when things don’t go quite according to your expectations Because there is a big difference if you are flying 5 aircraft with 5 hours of flight time or an aircraft that you already have 25 hours of experience on.

We also give this discount because the aircraft you fly on a solo flight is less stressed.

This is true. The package is also cheaper because it is intended for your solo flights, where we expect you to make no more than 2 landings per flight hour and the overall flight will be flown primarily on nominal engine power and a cruise flight. You’re just travelling.

You know yourself how aircraft suffer from many landings (circuits practice), constant power changes (takeoffs, landings practice, emergency procedures practice), etc. when we fly to train. So also because this flying is much more friendly to the aircraft, we are able to offer this discounted price. And this is exactly why we are unfortunately unable to offer you a discounted package for instructor-led training. Although we would really like to :-)

Aircraft Rental Discount Packages for 2024

Aircraft rental (price/flight hour) Price Package
Bristell aircraft 180 € 165 €
VL3 Evolution 240 € 200 €
Tecnam ECHO P92 Mk II 165 € 130 €
Eurostar EV-97 180 € 155 €
Cruiser PS-28 225 € 190 €
Tecnam P2002 JR 200 € 170 €
Cessna 172 SP 290 € 255 €
Cessna 172 SP Garmin 1000 290 € 255 €
Diamond DA40 315 € 290 €
Cirrus SR22 (price without fuel) 380 € 350 €

After training or transition training, you can easily rent aircraft from us for your journeys and business trips

It is not a problem to arrange a rental for the whole day or even for several days for your flight journeys. We are one of the few schools where it is not a problem to rent a UL plane for longer trips. Our students rent planes after training for their trips in the Czech Republic or journeys all across the Europe or business trips.

The cheapest aircraft for time building

Cheap aircraft for time building - flight hours for obtaining your CPL(A) or IR(A) professional ratings

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Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...
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