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Training and aircraft rental price list 2023

The lowest prices for renting new and well-equipped aircraft. With us you will enjoy individual approach and training with professional and friendly instructors.

If you want to fly new and well-equipped UL aircraft, then we are here for you

Pilot licencesPrice without VAT
Pilot licence for UL aircraft5 345 €
Pilot licence for UL aircraft for PPL(A) holders855 €
VFR controlled flights for ULL(A) pilots1 330 €
Light aircraft pilot – LAPL(A) for ULL(A) holders5 130 €
Light aircraft pilot – LAPL(A)9 580 €
Private aircraft pilot – PPL(A)14 030 €
NIGHT flight rating2 100 €
Administrative extension of SEP LAND80 €

Great team of professional and friendly instructors

We will pass on to you the experience and quality piloting habits we have accumulated over decades, whether as fighter pilots, transport aircraft pilots, test pilots or as pilots of private aircraft flying clients across Europe.

An overview of pilot trainings for commercial pilot training to ATPL(A) transport pilot training.

Professional pilot trainingsPrice without VAT
IFR Training14 275 €
Commercial pilot CPL(A)7 200 €
0 – ATPL 64 258 €
Flight instructor training FI(A)8 790 €
Class Rating Instructor CRI(A)1 665 €
IFR rating Instructor – IRI(A)3 812 €

You don't pay the full amount up front, but as you fly.

Prices do not include airport and navigation fees. Prices do not include 21 % VAT. We will give you a 5 % discount if you pay for the whole training in advance. Aircraft rental can be claimed as a tax expense and VAT can be deducted.

Aircraft rental – price per hour of flight20 h packagePrice without VAT
Cruiser PS-28170 €210 €
Tecnam P2002 JR160 €190 €
Cessna 172 N225 €
Cessna 172 SP NAV III230 €265 €
Cessna 172 SP G 1000255 €290 €
Diamond DA 40255 €290 €
Cirrus SR 22T (price without fuel)350 €380 €
Aircraft rental – price per hour of flight20 h packagePrice without VAT
P92 Echo Classic140 €155 €
P92 Echo Mk II140 €165 €
Bristell NG5145 €170 €
VL3 evolution225 €

Fuel surcharges

From 1 April 2022, we are forced to include a fuel surcharge in the price of the aircraft due to the significant increase in fuel prices. The surcharge only applies to aircraft where we charge the wet hour. 

We believe that we will return to normal fuel price levels and abolish these surcharges soon.

AircraftSurcharge without VAT
Echo P929 €
Cruiser PS-28, Bristell11 €
Tecnam P2002 JR10 €
Cessna 172 23 €
Diamond DA 4011 €

After training or transition training, you can easily rent aircraft from us for your journeys and business trips

It is not a problem to arrange a rental for the whole day or even for several days for your flight journeys. We are one of the few schools where it is not a problem to rent a UL plane for longer trips. Our students rent planes after training for their trips in the Czech Republic or journeys all across the Europe or business trips.

After transition training for the chosen aircraft (except Cirrus), you can purchase a 20-hour package for your flights at a special low price. The hours must be used within 2 years of purchase and these hours can only be used for flights without an instructor and a maximum of 2 landings per hour.

Prices for instructors

ItemPrice without VAT
Instructor UL aircraft – ULL(A) training55 €
Instructor – PPL(A) training65 €
Instructor – NIGHT/CPL/FI /transition training65 €
Flights abroad – VFR Instructor75 €
Flights abroad – IFR pilot / instructor80 €
Instructor Cirrus80 €
IR(A) Instructor75 €
VFR Instructor – whole day505 € + accommodation costs
IFR Instructor – whole day605 € + accommodation costs

Airport Fees

ItemPrice without VAT
Letňany Airport landing fee (GA aircraft)17 €
Letňany Airport landing fee (UL aircraft)12 €
Letňany Airport passenger fee4 €
Handling fee LKLT20 €
Arrival after airport operating hours (every hour)19 €
Pulling/cleaning the aircraft after operating hours
Price per 30 minutes
19 €
De-icing fluid – glycol 1l11 €

Landing fees are recharged according to the airport’s price list. In case of invoicing the flight costs, we charge a handling fee of 7 % of the total amount.


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