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Cirrus SR22 Garmin Perspective rental

The perfect aircraft for fast trips across Europe

Top avionics and the best cockpit comfort. Full equipment. Cirrus is a challenge for anyone who wants to fly a modern aircraft and push his/her piloting skills.

The aircraft is equipped with the most advanced avionics

Synthetic Vision

Immediate information on safe distance from barriers


A deer on the runway? Romantic. Unless you're landing right now.

Anti-collision system

Information about nearby aircraft on the primary display.

Current weather online on board

Current radar reflections directly on the primary display.

Rescue parachute

Even an experienced pilot has no idea when it will come in handy.


Certified for known icing. FIKI

Modern glass cockpit controlled by keyboard.

Oxygen system

More altitude = more speed and the ability to be above all weather.

Satellite phone

Telephoning or texting throughout the flight.


A great solution for overheated staging areas.

Easy rental of modern aircraft

What you need to rent the aircraft at any time

  • Valid PPL(A) pilot licence
  • Valid medical examination of at least 2nd class
  • Radiotelephonist licence
  • Total flight hours – 100 h (if training has not been performed on the type of the aircraft), total PIC hours – 60 h, total PIC hours in last 6 months – 20 h
  • Rental agreement
  • Pilot insurance with a deductible of  200.000 CZK (approx. 8.500 €) and operator’s accident cover (recommended)
  • Transition training for this aircraft

Insurance can be arranged online through the pilot insurance website.

After transition training you can rent this aircraft according to your needs. It is not a problem to agree on a rental for a whole day or for more days with hangarage outside Letňany airport.

Aircraft rental prices

Rental of Cirrus SR22 Garmin PerspectivePrice without VAT
Rental of Cirrus SR 22 Turbo – dry hour380 €
20-hour timebuilding package350 €
Instructor Cirrus90 €
Gas 17 GAL/h160 €
De-icing fluid – Glycol (l)12 €
Oxygen refill105 €
Satellite weather / 1 update15 €
Prices include fuel and don´t include VAT 21 % or landing fees.

For the Cirrus aircraft, we normally charge the flight hour without fuel and the fuel is then charged according to the actual consumption determined after the flight from the fuel counter.

Consumption for these high-performance aircraft is highly dependent on the type of flight and the performance of the flight. For circuit flights the consumption is around 120 litres and for en route flight at 75 % engine power at FL 100 around 60 litres/hour.

A 20-hour package with a discount of 600 €

After transition training on this aircraft, you can purchase a 20-hour package for your flights at a special low price. The hours must be used within 2 years of purchase and these hours can only be used for flights without an instructor and a maximum of 2 landings per hour.

More information on discount packages

Transition training for Cirrus SR22

And for your next business trip or working lunch in Europe, you'll fly a new and fast plane.

The transition training includes:

  • Theoretical training – online course
  • Theoretical training in the classroom with an instructor
  • Practical part: 6 hours of VFR flying, 4 hours of IFR flying

Call us anytime and let’s do it :-) We are looking forward to it.

Transition training for Cirrus SR22QuantityPrice/hourIn total without VAT
Cirrus SR22 online course1290 €290 €
Aircraft rental6380 €2 280 €
Theory390 €270 €
Fuel (approximate per hour)6160 €960 €
VFR Instructor690 €540 €
In total:  4 340 €
Prices include basic transition curriculum and don´t include VAT 21 % or landing fees.

What trainings do we fly most often with Cirrus?

380 €

A great plane for fast and comfortable travel across Europe. Speed 175 kt (320 km/h)

Parameters of the Cirrus SR22

Number of seats4
Cruising speed175 kt (320 km/h)
Range1 400 km
CeilingFL 280
Consumption65 liters per hour
Price of the aircraft828 000 €

Come and try this aircraft

Come to us and experience what it is like to fly a plane and how the training is carried out. We will answer your questions regarding aircraft or training and fly the aircraft chosen by you for 30 minutes. 

Dispatch, airplane booking

Magdaléna Tuzarová

Flight dispatcher, private flights

For more information or to book your aircraft, please call the Dispatch service:

The dispatch service is available on weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Outside of these operating hours, this line is available only in emergencies for our clients who need to adjust/cancel their aircraft reservations.

We have only new and modern planes with the best equipment in the cockpit

Let´s do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...
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