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We have only new and modern aircraft with great equipment

Ultralight pilot licence

Pilot licence for ultralight aircraft ULL(A) in Prague

We take the same professional approach to UL pilot training as if you were doing it on a large aircraft, like Cessna or Cirrus.

Today’s UL aircraft are often more powerful and faster, and therefore the skill and experience requirements for a UL pilot are as demanding as for the pilot of a large aircraft. So we take the training for UL aircraft as responsibly as we do with general aviation aircraft. And you’ll gain many quality piloting habits and a high level of safety for your solo flying.

Make your dream come true

Getting your pilot's licence has never been easier

A great choice for those who want to start flying modern UL aircraft at very low prices, with a maximum of 2 people, for their personal use and fun. Ideal pilot’s license for your private and business trips in the Czech Republic and Europe.

New and modern aircraft

If you want to fly new and well-equipped UL aircraft, then we are here for you...

Today’s UL airplanes are no longer made in a garage out of aluminium tubing and covered in canvas. Our school only flies factory-built aircraft from the world´s best manufacturers. Today’s UL aircraft surpass the General Aviation ones in many ways, especially in speed, cockpit equipment (screens, autopilots) while maintaining the same safety.

We have only new and modern aircraft with great equipment. The planes are equipped with screen systems, autopilot, and a rescue parachute system for your safety. You will love it :-)


Private and business trips only by plane!

There is nothing more beautiful than deciding and taking a trip tomorrow to Croatia, Vienna or “just” a weekend in the Alps or skiing in the Tatras. Air travel has its own charm and most importantly: it’s achievable and very affordable today.

safety first

Our aircraft are equipped with
a parachute rescue system

We are one of the few schools that can provide full ULL(A) pilot training on aircraft equipped with
a parachute rescue system. 


After completing the training you can easily rent our planes for your private and business trips

Echo P92

The most suitable aircraft for ULL(A) pilot training. Very comfortable and modern equipped aircraft.


A very comfortable and modern aircraft for travelling across Europe.

VL3 evolution

The most modern UL aircraft of today. Cruising speed is 270 km/h.

We have only new and modern planes with the best equipment in the cockpit

It is not a problem to rent for the whole day or for more days with hangaring outside Letňany. We are one of the few schools where it is not a problem to rent a UL plane for longer trips. Our students rent planes after training for their trips across Czech Republic or journeys all across the Europe or business trips.

People are the most valuable thing we have.

The best instructors with a friendly attitude are the most valuable thing we have.


Martin Kuba


Martin Cígler


Petr Špaček


Michal Táborský


Libor Frebort


Martin Fašánek

We are a bunch of pilots who love flying and we are looking forward to training with you :-)

The instructors you will be flying with are professional pilots with many years of experience. We will pass on to you the experience and quality piloting habits we have accumulated over decades, whether as fighter pilots, transport aircraft pilots, test pilots or as pilots of private aircraft flying clients across Europe.
But more importantly, they are notably friendly, easy-going and very patient people with whom you will really enjoy training. So, let’s fly…

Price of the UL Aircraft Pilot Training - ULL(A)

You can start the pilot training at any time.

We fly even during the winter season. We look forward to seeing you…

ULL(A) training

Pilot licence for ultralight aircraft
4 840 5 775 € including VAT 21 %
  • The price includes:
  • 20 hours of flying with ECHO P92 aircraft
  • 30 instructor hours
  • Theoretical course - 50 hours of training in classroom
  • You don't pay the full amount up front, but as you fly.
  • If you pay for the entire training in advance, you will receive a 5 % discount.

For PPL(A) holders

For PPL(A) Private Pilot Licence holders
810 980 € including VAT 21 %
  • The price includes:
  • 3 hours of flying with ECHO P92 aircraft
  • 4 instructor hours
  • 1 hour of theory

What does the price of the ULL(A) training consist of?

ItemHoursUnit priceIn total without VAT
Rental of the Echo P9220140 €2 800 €
Instructor FI(A)3055 €1 650 €
Theoretical course for pilots – 50 hours of classroom lessons1379 €390 €
In total:  4 840 €

Prices are exclusive of 21 % VAT and landing fees. The number of hours in training is given as the minimum required by the syllabus. Most students need approximately 30 hours of flying to complete the training. The number of instructor hours depends on the extent to which you prepare for the lessons independently according to the training syllabus. The average cost of landing fees for training is approximately 766 €. You pay for training in increments as you fly. We will give you a 5 % discount if you pay for the whole training in advance. After the training, you can rent aircraft at discounted prices.

Why should you choose the training in our flight school?

...because we love what we do

You will fly only new and well-equipped aircraft

We love new, modern and well-equipped aircraft. We were sure from the very beginning that old planes are not what we want to fly and the few hundred crowns difference in price is not worth it.

Expect a relaxed and friendly attitude

Individual and friendly attitude to each client is the reason why more and more pilots fly with us. We founded the flight school for our own and our students' enjoyment and we never wanted to turn our business into a licence factory or a big school for foreign students.

Training directly in Prague near the metro station Letňany

A great advantage is that you can complete the entire training in Prague. Another advantage is that you will learn not to be afraid to communicate in controlled airspace. Letňany airport has higher fees than airports further away from Prague, but still not that high to travel far to a cheaper airport.

The aircraft will always be ready in time for your flight

Our handling team will always prepare your aircraft completely for the flight. They will refuel, clean and inspect it so you can focus on the important pre-flight tasks and your training lesson without delay.

Great prices for modern aircraft rental

Compare the age and equipment of the aircraft offered by other flight schools with our price. Old aircraft are simply not worth operating.

You will obtain VFR controlled flights during your training

Since all of our training is conducted in controlled airspace, you will also receive a VFR controlled flight endorsement at the end of the course.

Great flight school service

The training will take place in the pleasant environment of our flight school. We have modern briefing rooms and audiovisual classrooms. Refreshments and beverages of your choice will be provided throughout the day. We fly 7 days a week until sunset. And we will take care of you all the time.

You will fly with experienced and friendly instructors.

The instructors you will be flying with in training are professional pilots with many years of experience. You may suspect that not every great pilot is also a good instructor. That's why it's even more important that our instructors are especially friendly, easy-going and very patient people with whom you will really enjoy the training.

Teaching is from the beginning focused on flying in Europe

If you plan to fly the aircraft in Europe after training, find out more about what to expect. If you are interested, we will plan several trips across Europe as a part of your training. By the way, we are specialists in trainings of flights abroad :-)

Training takes 3 - 6 months

Training can be mastered very early. It's up to you how much time you schedule for your flying.



Book a demo flight

Try your first lesson with us and then decide

Come and experience what it is like to fly a plane and how the training is running. We will answer your questions about aircraft and training and fly the aircraft for 30 minutes. You will see if piloting an aircraft meets your expectations and if flying is really right for you.

Details of ULL(A) pilot training

We train pilots of ultralight aircraft on the most modern aircraft, which have a comfortable cockpit and advanced avionics. We offer the possibility to focus your training on foreign flights so that you can gain this experience during your training. If you are interested, we will plan several trips across Europe as a part of your training.

Entry requirements for the training:

  • Minimum age 15 years. There is no upper age limit.
  • Examination by an Aeromedical Examiner. Medical examination is not demanding, approximately equivalent to the requirements for a driving licence.

Nothing else is required to start the training as a pilot of a UL aircraft apart from this requirement.

Gradually during the course of the training it is necessary to obtain:

  • Pilot's insurance for the 1st solo flight with a deductible of 8 333 € and operator's accident cover (recommended)
  • Radiotelephonist licence
  • Completion of a pilot theory course
  • In the case of flights abroad the ICAO exam

How long does it take to train as a UL pilot?

The training schedule is determined by you, according to your time and financial possibilities. Ideally you should find time at least 1 - 2 times a week. We always adapt the flying schedule to your requirements.

The training curriculum requires a minimum of 20 hours of flying and 50 hours of theoretical training.

Most student pilots need about 30 hours of flying with an instructor for this training before they are fully confident to fly solo.  

During the training it is necessary to pass the theoretical course of UL aircraft pilot.

In this basic pilot course we will explain the elementary knowledge. You can start the practical training on the aircraft immediately and take this course during the practical training, which in many cases is recommended because you already have an idea of what the individual lectures are about.

LAA test questions for UL pilots

At the end of the training you will take a theory test on the following subjects:

  1. Aviation regulations, ULL procedures
  2. Aerodynamic and principles of flight
  3. Aviation meteorology
  4. General navigation
  5. Engines, propellers, instruments
  6. Building and construction of ULL
  7. Operational procedures

You can access the questions as part of our theory course or you can also order them separately.

You can start training on the aircraft immediately and complete the entire pilot theory course while flying.

Benefit for PPL(A) holders

If you are already a PPL holder, then obtaining a UL pilot licence is only to the extent of transition training for a UL aircraft and passing theoretical and practical exam with LAA inspector.

Validity of the ULL(A) pilot licence and its renewal

The pilot licence shall be renewed every 2 years. Renewal is based on:

  1. An application for renewal made to the Light Aircraft Association
  2. A valid medical examination by an Aeromedical Examiner
  3. It´s mandatory to have flown at least 5 hours in the last 2 years.

If you cannot provide proof of the number of hours flown or your pilot license has been expired for more than 90 days your license will be renewed based on a flight with an inspector.

The validity of the licence is renewed every 2 years

In order to renew your licence, you must have flown at least 12 hours in the 12 months prior to the expiry date:

  1. At least 1 flight hour with an instructor.
  2. A minimum of 6 hours as PIC.
  3. A minimum of 12 take-offs and landings.

Or, if you do not meet these requirements, you must complete a flight with a flight examiner 3 months prior to expiration.

Because we love what we do :-)

  1. You will fly only the most modern UL aircraft of today.
  2. During the training you will gain experience with flying in controlled airspace around Prague.
  3. We can focus the training from the beginning on experience with flights across Europe.
  4. You will fly with experienced and very friendly instructors.
  5. Training near the metro station Prague Letňany.
  6. Individual and friendly attitude to each client and many other benefits you will appreciate.

Pilot courses

Renata Londzinová

Pilot Training Courses

For information about pilot training and for sightseeing flights booking, please call:

The service is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you don’t get through right away, count on us to call you back.

Letňany Airport is the most suitable airport for pilot training

Prague Letňany Airport is located in the controlled airspace of Kbely and Ruzyně, so you will learn how to communicate and fly in these areas from the very beginning

Pilot training in Prague Letňany is ideal for those who want to fly without restrictions throughout the Czech Republic or Europe after obtaining a pilot’s license.


We will answer your questions about the aircraft and training and fly you through the aircraft for 30 minutes. You will see if piloting the aircraft meets your expectations and if you want to continue your training.

Start with the Pilot Theory Course


In this course, you will learn all the necessary knowledge for a private pilot. The course lasts 7 days and is part of the preparation for the final pilot exam.

See a comparison of PPL, LAPL and ultralight pilot licences.

Let´s do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...

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