This rating allows you to fly single engine aircraft (SEP LAND) from dusk to dawn

Training takes place at Roudnice, Brno Tuřany or Ostrava airport

Minimum requirements for training commencement

  1. Valid EASA PPL(A) license
  2. Radio-communication license
  3. Class 2 medical certificate

Training plan

Training Hours

Ground training

Definition of night, night flying rating, illumination of aircraft and airport, night vision, optical illusions, CFIT, night flying techniques and emergency and abnormal condition procedures.


Local night flying – flying technique

Night flying technique training: straight flight and changes of speed and configuration, ascending and descending at constant indicated speed, flying at minimum safe speed, aircraft fall under engine power, aircraft fall without engine power, normal take-off and ascent, circuit flying, approach and landing.


Local night flying – circuit flying

Circuit flying, normal take-off and ascent, circuit flying, approach and landing. No-flap landing, landing without landing lights, landing without cabin lights. 5 solo take-offs and landings with full stop.


Night point to point flying

Navigation flight at night, planning of night flights, comparison navigation at night, radio navigation. Emergency and abnormal procedures at night. Unintended flight in IMC and instrument flying at night.

Total time of NIGHT rating course 7:00

PRICE: 1.285 €

excl. airport charges and 21% VAT

The price includes 5 hours of flying with an instructor and 2 hours of ground training.

Airplane – 5 hours: 990 €
Instructor – 5 hours: 210 €
Ground training – 2 hours: 85 €
SUM: 1.285 €

CESSNA C172 SP G1000

Our C172 is perfectly equipped for night flights

Rating is recorded by CAA without examination after training completion