Pilot licences and training courses

We are specialized in training of pilots who want to fly modern aircraft throughout Europe.

Fulfil your dream and become a pilot! Decide today and start tomorrow, we fly all year long – looking forward to see you 🙂


EASA Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)

If you decide to fulfil your dream of becoming a general aviation pilot and you want to fly throughout Europe, let’s start training tomorrow.


Microlite Pilot Licence MPL

An ultralight licence is the easiest accessible alternative to enjoy the fantastic experience of flying under your own control.


NIGHT rating

This rating allows you to fly aircraft in the night. The training includes 5 hours of flying with an instructor and 2 hours of ground training.


Garmin G1000 course

Learn how to understand modern avionics. Conversion to glass cockpit Garmin 1000 / Perspective. Learning module for VFR and IFR pilots.

Training flights for familiarization with Czech and European Airspace

Familiarization with Czech and European Airspace

Great training of international flights for those who want to enjoy the airspace of all Europe. This course is required for solo flights.

FAA to EASA conversion

FAA to EASA pilot license conversion

We provide conversion FAA (and other countries pilot licenses) to EASA – European pilot license. Conversion for PPL(A) / CPL(A) and IR(A) rating.

Emergency Course

Emergency Procedures Course

This course is dedicated to everyone who wants to be sure about correct handling of emergency situations during the flight.


Airplane transition courses

We love new modern airplanes with the best equipment in the cockpit. If you would like to start flying new type of aircraft, let’s start tomorrow.


Try a demo flight tomorrow

Do you have no flying experience yet? What is it like to be a pilot? You can have a 30 minutes demo flight with selected airplane.

All prices excl. 21% VAT and landing fees