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Exam question database for the Ultralight pilot

The LAA (Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic) question database for UL pilots is available in English now. The questions are supplemented with explanations of each question for better understanding.

Online access to LAA exam questions in English

We have prepared a set of questions from the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic (LAA) with explanations and study materials to help you prepare for the theory exam. If you can answer 80% of these questions correctly, then the questions in the theory exam will no longer surprise you.

The questions include explanations of the topic and links to other resources

Originally LAA exam questions do not include explanations for each question. However, in this version of the questions, you will also find explanations of each topic, along with image attachments and links to additional resources.

Where you can order the exam questions

The database of questions in English is available in the form of an online course, where you can both learn the questions (Study Mode) and test your knowledge (Final Tests).

What are LAA exam questions?

The LAA exam questions are part of the testing and certification process for amateur pilots. These questions typically focus on the following areas:

  1. Theory of flying: the basic principles of flying, aerodynamics, and how various factors affect the aircraft in flight.
  2. Air Navigation: knowledge of aeronautical charts, navigation tools and techniques, including the use of radio navigation systems.
  3. Meteorology: Understanding of weather and its effect on flight operations, including the ability to read and interpret weather reports and forecasts.
  4. Aviation regulations and laws: Knowledge of relevant aviation regulations, air traffic rules and safety procedures.
  5. Safety procedures: Procedures to ensure flight safety, including emergency procedures and first aid.
  6. Aircraft technical knowledge: Understanding of aircraft mechanical and electronic systems, including maintenance and problem diagnosis.
  7. Communication: Ability to use the aeronautical communication system effectively, including radio communication with air traffic controllers.

These questions are designed to ensure that pilots have sufficient knowledge and skills to safely pilot aircraft. Emphasis is on understanding and complying with safety standards and regulations.

LAA exam questions are also available in Czech.

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