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Romantic flight

For lovers only!

We'll take a plane or helicopter up as close to the clouds as we can.

We’ll be flying in the clouds high above all ground-level worries.

Surprise your lover with a gift that will appear out of the clear blue sky. 

The flight is scheduled for about 30 minutes. The aim is not to visit any particular place, but to experience the amazing feeling of almost touching the clouds. So we’ll be climbing…

This is no ordinary sightseeing flight

We’ll take a plane or helicopter up as close to the clouds as we can and leave all our worries on the ground.

You will experience an amazing feeling of disconnecting from reality. At 2,000 metres the ground is already far away and all earthly worries are suddenly so small. And you feel unworldly…

We’ll serve champagne on board and the whole flight will be held in a romantic atmosphere. It´s up in the air, but this experience demonstrably increases the number of marriage proposals after landing. Although, as pilots, we can’t really guarantee that. :-)

Safety is always our first priority
  1. We only have new and safe aircraft
  2. Professional pilots – instructors with many years of flying experience
  3. Pleasant and friendly environment
  4. We will adapt the flight date to your requirements
  5. We fly all year round
  6. Low cost per flight hour

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Information on the Romantic flight

Information on the flight
Departure: Prague – Letňany
Number of passengers:2
Flight time:30 minutes
Event length:approx. 1,5 hours
Suitable for:Couples in love and romantic natures
Aircraft:Aircraft Cessna 172 or Robinson 44

Pilot courses

Renata Londzinová

Pilot Training Courses

For information about pilot training and for sightseeing flights booking, please call:

The service is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you don’t get through right away, count on us to call you back.

You will fly the best aircraft for sightseeing flights Cessna 172SP or Cruiser PS28

You will fly in a great American-made aircraft designed for sightseeing flights. With the wings up high, you have an amazing view of the landscape below.

Cessna 206 StationAir 2010

We are looking forward to flying with you...

Let´s do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...
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