Michal Lněnička

CPL(A) SEP, NIGHT, TOWING-S, ICAO English prof. lvl. 6,

Michal is relaxed pilot CPL(A), instructor, safety pilot and AFIS operator.

Pavol Kubica

Instructor FI(A)/ULL(A), CPL(A),SEP, MEP, NIGHT, ICAO English level 4. nearly 3.500 flight hours

After 37 years in aviation business Pavol is one of our most experienced pilots and instructors with nearly 3.500 flight hours on various aircraft.

Martin Kuba

Instructor FI(A)/ULL(A), CPL(A)/IR/ATPL frozen,
more than 2.000 flight hours

Martin is experienced and calm instructor. He has more than 1500 flight hours of which more than 1,000 hours as an instructor.

Richard Milták

Head of Training, Instructor FI(A), CPL(A)/IR/ATPL, MEP, SEP, IR(A), FI(A), ICAO English prof. level 6,
more than 1.000 flight hours

Richard was flying in Austria for a long time and he gained his flying experience across all Europe. Patient and calm instructor who can pass on a lot of experience to you.

Petr Špaček

Head of Flight Operations Instructor, FI(A), CPL(A)/IR, ATPL,
more than 2.000 flight hours

You will like Petr for his insight and joy during every flight you will do with him. Very experienced pilot and instructor with more than 2.000 flight hours.

Libor Frebort

Head of UL Flight Operations, Instructor FI(A)/UL(A), CPL(A), ATPL frozen, controlled VFR flights,
more than 2.000 flight hours

Libor is a very experienced instructor and test pilot with more than 2.000 teaching flight hours. His hobbies are international flights and UL competitions – Libor is a member of Czech National Team. His greatest achievement is a 3rd place at the World Championship 2009.

Martin Tatoušek

Instructor FI(A), CPL(A)/IR/ATPL,
more than 800 flight hours

Martin is a very patient and relaxed instructor of PPL(A).

Zdeněk Kadlec

Instructor FI(A) and ULL(A), former fighter pilot, test pilot,
more than 8.000 flight hours

With more than 7.000 flight hours Zdeněk is a true pilot legend and his insight and cool attitude to flight training was appreciated by hundreds of beginners thought to fly safe by him during his long aviation career. He has flown many airplanes including fighter jets like Jak-11, various MiGs and Sukhois, L-29 Dauphine and…

Martin Cígler

Instructor ULL(A), controlled VFR flights, PPL(A), test pilot,
more than 500 flight hours

Martin loves flying and aviation since his childhood. He is irreplaceable member of the team not only for his professional skills, but also for his positive mind and always smiling attitude.

Ctirad Matyáš

PPL(A), ULL(A) instructor,
more than 1.000 flight hours

Ctirad is experienced and very patient ULL(A) instructor, having more than 1.000 flight hours of which ca 150 are on GA airplanes.