VL3 Evolution for rent

One of the best aircraft in UL class!

Technology, style, speed, elegance, safety, performance and comfort –

just few words describing this light plane with top features.

Brand new machine made in 2017, now ready for your training, traveling or business trips.

Despite to its performance VL3 is a very stable and safe plane too – suitable for beginners and flight schools too. It also performs very good behaviour in turbulent situations.

Besides advanced features like retractable landing gear and adjustable propeller VL3 is certainly equipped with parachute rescue system too.

Marvelous cruising speed of 145 knots (270 km/h) thank to perfectly sleek design of VL3 Evolution

As a triple holder of FAI speed record VL3 is one of the world’s fastest UL planes. This small aircraft with big features is a perfect option for fast business trips across all Europe – and thank to efficiency of Rotax engine we talk about low cost flying here.

Precise detailed, comfortable and luxurious cockpit recalls design and feel of top class sport cars of big names.

What do you need to rent our VL3?

  • Valid ULL pilot license
  • Limited radio communication license
  • Valid rental agreement
  • Pilot insurance coverage with participation of CZK 200 000 deductible
  • VL3 Evolution qualification

Price: 144 €

excluding 21% VAT

VL3 basic parameters:

Number of seats 2
Cruising speed 145 kt
Range 1080 NM
Max. altitude FL 140
Fuel consumption (N95) per hour 4,25 gal

VL3 rental and training prices excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane rental (hour): 144 €
Instructor (hour): 35 €

Are you PPL (A) pilot and wanna fly VL3?

We can provide you with reduced ULL flight course for PPL pilots for attractive 512 EUR (excluding 21% VAT and landing fees). Interested? Call +420 775 585 995 anytime.

Do you want to extend your qualification?

Our VL3 is already equipped with transponder mode S – after completion of our course for flights in controlled airspace for ULL you will never have to fly around CTR and TMA areas of big airports again! That comes in handy especially in big cities surrounded by more airports – like Prague, for example.

Pronájem letadla

UL pilot training with VL3 (min 20 flight hours) + theory (45 hours):

from 3.722 €

(excl. 21% VAT and landing fees)

Interested? You can have a 30 minutes test flight with instructor for 212 €!


    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €