Tecnam P2002 JR for rent

Ideal airplane for CPL pilot training!

Adjustable propeller and retractable gear

As P2002 is certified in General Aviation category, valid PPL license required to rent this aircraft. Low operational costs and cruising speed of 120 kt is attractive combination of features – especially for pilots willing to extend their flight skills.

This comprehensive aircraft is suitable for CPL pilot students as well as for travelling around Europe. You will appreciate a choice of tanking Natural N95 or Avgas – especially at flights to small airports.

Tecnam P2002 cockpit

Price: 152 €

excluding 21% VAT

P 2002 basic parameters:

Number of seats 2
Cruising speed 120 kt
Range 539 NM
Max. altitude FL 130
Fuel consumption per hour 4,75 gal

P 2002 rental prices excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane (hour): 152 €
Instructor (hour): 40 €

Pronájem letadla

You can have a 30 minutes demo flight for 228 EUR – book here:

    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €