Savage Shock Cub rental – bush flying experience

This aircraft was made in heaven for the pleasure of flying, air trips, aerial discoveries and adventure.

Shock Cub is a real top gun in terms of LIFT

– thanks to a combination of its Hyper Stol airfoil, carbon fiber variable slots and two slotted flaps. The wing is designed to endure operational load of 1.540 pounds (700 kg) and overload of 6 G.

This friendly aircraft was designed especially for slow, crawling flights to extremely short runways and flight wandering outdoors including mountains.


Savage Shock Cub is certified in ELSA category

– an ULL pilot license is required to fly it. Don’t have any? Call  +420775585995 any time and let’s start your ULL flight training 🙂


So what do you need to rent  this exceptional plane?

  • Valid ULL pilot license
  • Limited radio communication license
  • Valid rental agreement
  • Pilot insurance coverage with participation of CZK 200 000 deductible
  • Savage Shock Cub qualification

It’s easy to rent this sweet aircraft for couple of hours or all the weekend for your flights full of pleasure!

Price: 152 €

excluding 21% VAT

Savage Shock basic parameters:

Number of seats 2
Cruising speed 80 kt
Minimal speed 16 kt
Range 302 NM
MTOW 1322 lb
Landing distance 60 ft

Savage Shock rental prices excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane (hour): 152 €
Instructor (hour): 35 €

Pronájem letadla

Savage Shock Cub

UL pilot training with Shock (min 20 hours) incl. theory (45 hours): 3.402 €

(excl. 21% VAT and landing fees)

Interested in 30 minutes demo flight with instructor for 216 €?


    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €