Piper Meridian

Luxury + speed + comfort = Piper Meridian

Try flying turbo prop – there is no way back 🙂

Comfort? Yes.

Need a nap? Need to finish the presentation before the meeting? Or just relax? Everything is possible in Meridian. Try to compare prices of business class flight tickets to our calculation!

Thanks to its performance and modern avionics Meridian is able to fly in almost any weather conditions. It offers similar kind of freedom like big airliners – just with some room and payload limits.

Price: contact us

call: +420 775 365 320

write: aerotaxi@aeroprague.com

Meridian basic parameters:

Number of seats max 5
Max cruising speed 260 kt
Range 1000 NM
Max altitude FL 300
Fuel consumption 37 gal