PS-28 Cruiser

New and modern aircraft for PPL(A) training

PS-28 Cruiser is a modern Czech aircraft dedicated to training of new  PPL(A) pilots. This plane has outstanding flight features combining high cruise speed with effortless piloting – you will simply fall in love with this brand new machine!

Our Cruiser is equipped with the most modern avionics:

After the conversion you can rent our Cruiser for your flights. Don’t hesitate to call anytime!

Price: 165 €

excluding 21% VAT

Cruiser basic parameters:

Number of seats 2
Cruising speed 100 kt
Range 430 NM
Max. altitude FL 100
Fuel consumption (N95) per hour 6,87 gal

Cruiser rental prices excl. 21% VAT:

Aircraft rental (hour): 165 €
PACKAGE 20 HOURS (discount 390 €): 2 910 €
instructor (hour): 40 €
After your conversion to Cruiser you can buy a package of 20 hours for reduced price. You have 2 years for their utilization for your flights without an instructor with a maximum of 2 landings in an hour.

Cruiser PPL(A) training excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane with fuel – 45 hours: 7 425 €
Instructor – 45 hours: 1 800 €
Theory: 240 €
SUM: 9 465 €

Pronájem letadla

Interested? You can have a 30 minutes test flight with instructor for 240 €!


    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €