Cirrus SR22T Garmin Perspective for rent

Luxury four seater for fast trips across all Europe

The most modern avionics and top comfort – this plane is a pure enticement!

Cirrus SR22 unique features:

Make a conversion to fully equipped Cirrus!

Proceed your qualification to another level and become a pilot of this attractive plane.

During the conversion to SR22 we will teach you how to use all the systems of this aircraft, we will train emergency procedures, standard flight modes and engine management – all airplanes with turbocharger are very sensitive to beginner’s mistakes.

You will gain practical experience of flying this type from experienced instructors having hundreds of flight hours on this type. The training consist of:

  • Theoretical part in the classroom: 10 hours
  • Practical part: 5 flight hours (VFR) or 10 flight hours (IFR)

After the conversion you can rent this plane according to your needs. Call us any time to +420775585995 and let’s do it 🙂

Price: 340 €

excluding fuel and 21% VAT

SR22 basic parameters:

Number of seats 4
Cruising speed 175 kt
Range 755 NM
Max. altitude FL 260
Fuel consumption 17 gal

SR22 conversion price excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane without fuel – 6 hours (VFR): 2 040€
Instructor – 6 hours: 348 €
Fuel (cca 18 gal/hour) – 6 hours 500 €
Access to Cirrus Learning portal 110 €
Ground training – 5 hours 290 €
SUM: 3 288 €

The fuel is charged separately after the flight according to the actual consumption.

Fuel consumption at these high performing aircraft depends on the mode of the flight. It may increase to 32 gal/hour when flying traffic patterns – and decrease down to 18 gal/hour at cross-country flights with 75% power setting in FL 100.


pronájem letadla

You can have a 30 minutes test flight with instructor for 476 


    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €