Cessna 400 Corvalis for rent

Our fastest four seater for comfortable trips across all Europe

Some advanced features of our Cessna 400 Corvalis:

Make a conversion to one of the most modern aircraft!

If you didn’t fly with sidestick yet you will get used to – soon.

The aircraft is powered by 6 cylinder Continental Turbo with 310 HP. Although its ceiling limit is FL 250 it is better to plan the flight for FL100 where True Air Speed can reach 185 kt and the plane is still able to climb ca 650ft/min even fully loaded.

2 alternators and 2 batteries increase the safety of this plane – especially under IFR conditions.

Corvalis is not perfectly suitable for short runways and grass airfields – especially when full loaded.

Garmin G1000 avionics, anti collision TAS and other advanced systems

No need to explain anything if you already have some experience with G1000. Integrated Autopilot GFC700 is top of the league and TAS is another highlight of the cockpit. Database of navigation system is updated every 4 weeks with airport maps too.


The airplane is designed for high speed flights – but when we need to go down quickly it may be uneasy. Usual descending with the power turned down is no option as the engine would get undercooled very soon  – with all negative consequences. It is important to descend always with normal power of engine – and here we come to purpose of aerodynamic brakes (Speed Brakes) of this great plane.

Conversion to Cessna Corvalis 400

You will learn how to fly with this fast modern aircraft – and if you have already an experience with similar airplane (like Cirrus for instance) it will not be too complicated for you.

After the conversion you can rent this plane according to your needs. Call us any time to +420775585995 and let’s do it 🙂

Price: 288 €

excl. fuel and 21% VAT

C400 basic parameters:

Number of seats 4
Cruising speed 180 kt
Range 1070 NM
Max. altitude FL 170
Fuel consumption 18,5 gal

Corvalis pricing excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane without fuel (hour): 288 €
Instructor (hour): 79 €
Fuel (according to flight mode, hour) ca 100 €

The fuel is charged separately after the flight according to the actual consumption.

Fuel consumption at these high performing aircraft depends on the mode of the flight. It may increase to 32 gal/hour when flying traffic patterns – and decrease down to 18 gal/hour at cross-country flights with 80% power setting in FL 100.

pronájem letadla

You can have a 30 minutes test flight with instructor for 476 


    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €