Cessna 150 for rent

Legendary flight school airplane

Cessna C150 is a favourite trainer of flight schools around the globe. Thousands of pilots started their aviation career with C150 and while some of them didn’t change, others – after they gained experience big enough – proceeded to another levels, flying more advanced and more expensive planes.

PPL pilot training with C150 (min 45 hours) including theory: 8.510 €

(excl. 21% VAT and landing fees)

Call us any time to +420 775 585 995 and let’s start 🙂

Price: 136 €

excluding 21% VAT

C150 basic parameters:

Number of seats 2
Cruising speed 90 kt
Range  700 NM
Max. altitude FL 100
Fuel consumption 6 gal

C150 rental prices excl. 21% VAT:

Airplane (hour): 136 €
Instructor (hour): 40 €

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    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €