We’ll go back 600 years to the history. Grand tour by plane or helicopter for 60 minutes.

We will visit the most wonderful places north of Prague

What you will see along the route:

  1. Romantic chateau of Mělník.
  2. Kokořín castle is one of cursed castles that may not be repaired anymore according to the emperor Ferdinand. Today it’s a favourite monument.
  3. Castle of Houska. According to the newest findings resulting from archaeological research the castle was founded in decade of 1270 – 1280 by Přemysl Otakar II. The castle is located in a picturesque spot of Czechia surrounded by nice natural landscape.
  4. Mácha lake – name after significant poet Mácha was suggested in 1938 by a touring alliance in Doksy. Karel Hynek Mácha was here for six times since 1832.
  5. Bezděz castle is emblazoned with many secrets – like the one about a treasure, hidden by monks there. Even Bedřich Smetana listened to this legend which inspired him to write an opera named Secret. Another legend narrates a tale about mysterious hallway used by Kunhuta with her son Václav to escape the castle which became her prison.

You can choose a plane or helicopter:

Tecnam P2002, Cessna C172, Cruiser PS-28

Robinson R44


Aircraft Passengers Price
Airplane Tecnam P2002 1 370 €
Airplane Cruiser PS-28 1 370 €
Airplane Cessna 172 1 – 3 440 €
Helicopter Robinson R44 1 – 3 900 €

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    Length of route 150 km, flight duration 60 minutes according to the plane type and meteorological conditions.

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    How you can find us in Prague:

    Airport Prague Letnany (LKLT)
    Areal Stara Aerovka
    Hulkova ulice III/213
    197 00 Praha 9 – Kbely
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