Cessna 206 Stationair

Airplane for relaxed air travelling

Rather than speed this winged multivan is about relax.

Stationair is not for racers – but you can take almost all the stuff you need for a family trip or holiday…including a bike.

You can take advantage of variable interior too.

And last not but least – you can land and take off on short airfields. Sounds good? That’s why Stationair is so massively popular among travellers.

Or do you need a cargo transporter? C206 is here to serve – again.

Price: 336 €

excl. fuel and 21% VAT

C206 basic parameters:

Number of seats max 5
Cruising speed 145 kt
Range 860 NM
Max altitude 15.700 ft
Fuel consumption ca 34 gal

pronájem letadla

Do you want to try to fly this airplane?

You can have a 30 minutes demo flight for 488 EUR – book here:

    Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €