If you decide to fulfil your dream of becoming a General Aviation pilot and you want to fly throughout Europe in the future, we are right choice for you!

Our team is the biggest value we have!

You will be guided by our experienced instructors, sharing their flying experience with you. Their skills were gained in cockpits of air force planes, commercial aircraft or GA planes in Europe. There is a lot you can learn!

Training outline

The training includes 50 hours of ground training and at least 45 hours of flying time.No need to pay entire amount in a single payment at the beginning – you can pay gradually as you fly. Final amount may differ among individual students but in most cases 45 hours of flying is enough. The training is completed by theoretical and practical tests.

Age limits 16 – 120 years

To acquire the private aircraft license PPL(A) the applicant must be at least 17 years old – the training may be started as early as at the age of 16. No upper age limit. The only requirement is a medical check-up with an aviation medicine specialist. We have had successful students over 60 years of age.

The medical check-up is not too demanding

Before the first solo flight you need to have a physical check-up by an aviation medicine specialist. It is not necessary to be afraid of the physical, most people have no problems passing it. Glasses or dental fillings are definitely not a problem when you want to get medical clearance to fly these aircraft.

Come and try it for yourself…

Come and try how it feels to fly an aircraft and what the training at AeroPrague flying school is about. We will answer your questions about aircraft and training and we will take you on a test flight in an aircraft of your choice. You will see if flying meets your expectations.

Our pilot students

PRICE: 9.465 €

excl. airport charges and 21% VAT

PS-28 – 45 hours: 7.425 €
Instructor – 45 hours: 1.800 €
Ground training – 50 hours: 240 €
SUM: 9.465 €

Why should you have a training with us

  • Your training will be guided by experienced instructors
  • You will fly modern and perfectly equipped aircraft
  • To start with, the training will focus on flying experience in Europe
  • Training without the need of leaving Prague: we are located at the terminal station of subway line C – Praha Letňany
  • Individual approach to each student plus many additional advantages you will appreciate

PS-28 Cruiser

2 seats airplane for basic training


4 seats airplane for advanced training