Great training of international flights for those who want to enjoy the airspace of all Europe!

If you own FAA license or any different one and you want to rent a plane for solo flight within European airspace – this is exactly for you! Training consists of 2 hours of theory and 2 hours of flying. This training is dedicated to GA pilots as well as UL pilots.

Requirements for international solo flights:

  • Valid ULL(A) or PPL(A) license
  • General radio-communication license
  • Medical certificate class 2 (PPL) or class 1 (ULL)
  • ICAO English exam

Training roster

  • Preflight briefing and scheduled countries AIPs explanation
  • Weather check in planned area, determination of the right air route
  • Additional useful informations and recommendations for the flight
  • Recap of standard phraseology needed for planned flight
  • Flight! You are the captain, instructor helps only if necessary

You can do this training even if your license is not finished yet –

as you have instructor onboard this flight will be recorded as DUAL FLIGHT.

PRICE: 530 €

excl. airport charges and 21% VAT

C172 SP – 2 hours: 372 €
Instructor – 2 hours: 79 €
Ground training – 2 hours: 79 €
SUM: 530 €

Chose your aircraft for flights across Europe:

C 172 SP G1000 – from 190 €/hour

Diamond DA40 TDI G1000 – from 220 €/hour

Cirrus SR22T – from 405 €/hour

VL3 – from 116 €/hour