Do you want to handle unexpected flight situations correctly?

You should.

This course is dedicated to everyone who wants to be sure about correct handling of emergency situations during the flight. Recommended also for licensed pilots after long break in flying.

In the beginning we will discuss individual types of emergency situations, that can happen during the flight, and how to solve them – this will help you to focus to the effective solution of the situation during the flight. This ground training takes 2 hours.

You will be led by one of our experienced instructors – there is always need to learn new things ?

PRICE: 350 €

excl. airport charges and 21% VAT

P92 Echo – 2 hours: 212 €
Instructor – 2 hours: 70 €
Ground training – 2 hours: 70 €
SUM: 352 €


Cessna C150 – 2 hours: 272 €
Instructor – 2 hours: 80 €
Ground training – 2 hours: 80 €
SUM: 432 €

Flight training – basic time of 2 hours:

1. Take offs with fully loaded airplane. Short-field take off techniques. Important training for pilots flying oftenly with all seats occupied. We will practice landings on short and restricted airports (optional)
2. After take off engine failure training
3. Emergency landing after engine failure
Emergency landing after engine failure in difficult terrain. We will practice different types of procedures to make it as safe as possible
4. Precautionary landings to the terrain in difficult conditions
5. Engine fire procedures
6. Electric system failures and avionic failures
7. Heavy cross-wind landings, balked landings practice
8. Practice of airplane’s stall and spin recovery. Your airplane may not surprise you!
9. ILS approach practice. It’s good to know how if you are in trouble (optional)
10. Flight in IMC conditions, basic instrument flight skills practice. Procedures for flying into IMC conditions (optional)

This course is appropriate to be combined with SEP LAND (PPL) qualification renewal (valid for 2 years)

Requirements for license renewal:

For renewal of qualification SEP LAND only administratively you need to have by the last year of license’s validity at least 12 flight hours of which 6 hours as PIC, 12 take offs and landings and also one flight with an instructor FI(A) in duration of at least 1 hour.

Flight with an instructor can be replaced with another proficiency check of practical pilot exam.

If you don’t match these requirements it is necessary to make a flight (proficiency check) with CAA examiner.

You will receive a certificate after the course completion.

Requirements and more information
tel.: +420 775 585 995