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Sightseeing flight Bezděz

Sightseeing flight Bezděz, Lake Mácha

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Cruiser PS-28 aircraft
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Sightseeing flight Bezděz, Lake Mácha

The most beautiful of Prague’s surroundings. We will go back 600 years in history. A great 60-minute airplane tour packed with beautiful places north of Prague.

What you will see during the flight

Interesting places
1.Romantic Mělník Castle

Kokořín Castle is one of the cursed castles that must not be repaired according to Emperor Ferdinand. Today it is a popular monument.


Houska CastleAccording to the latest archaeological findings, the castle was founded in the decade 1270-1280 by Přemysl Otakar II. The castle is set in a picturesque corner of Bohemia, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape.


Lake Mácha. The current name for the lake after the famous poet Mácha was proposed in 1938 by the tourist association in Doksy. Karel Hynek Mácha was here six times, the first time in 1832. The second variant of the orgigin of the name is that everyone goes to this lake in summer to take a dip, but historical sources do not mention this version.


Bezděz Castle is shrouded in many secrets. It is said that the monks hid a treasure here. Bedřich Smetana heard this legend and based his opera The Secret on it. Another legend tells the story of a mysterious corridor. Kunhuta and her son Václav, for whom the castle became an involuntary prison, were supposed to escape to the village through this passage.

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Information on the Bezděz flight

Information on the flight
Departure:Prague – Letňany
Date:We fly every day
Flight time:55 – 65 minutes
Event length:approx. 2 hours
Suitable for:No age limit
Aircraft:Modern aircrafts Cessna 172 or Cruiser PS28 

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You will fly the best aircraft for sightseeing flights Cessna 172SP or Cruiser PS28

You will fly in a great American-made aircraft designed for sightseeing flights. With the wings up high, you have an amazing view of the landscape below.

Cessna 206 StationAir 2010

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Photos from sightseeing flights to Bezděz

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Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...
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