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You will experience whether you have the talent and sense to fly an aircraft. We know that piloting a plane has always been your dream.

Flying a real airplane with a calm instructor

Pilot Experience Prague-Letňany: 30 min flight and 60 min briefing

We have 3 variants of the real aircraft piloting experience

ECHO Mk II aircraft

30 minutes flight + 1h briefing
You choose the date you like

Cruiser PS-28 aircraft

30 minutes flight + 1h briefing
You choose the date you like

Cessna 172 SP aircraft

1 pilot + 2 passengers
30 minutes flight + 1h briefing

You will experience whether you have the talent and sense to fly an aircraft and whether you can handle emergency situations calmly.

Our team of professional pilots organizes an adventure event where even a person without any experience can fly a plane. Participants will experience first-hand what it is like to be a pilot of a real aircraft. To fly a real plane is a dream coming true.

How does the Pilot Experience work?

Together with the pilot, you will plan the flight, plot the route on a map, check the airspace activation, program the on-board instruments, find out the current weather conditions, perform a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, and hear how to request a take-off clearance. Listen to the correct phraseology when communicating with the control tower. As a co-pilot, you will check the pre-flight procedures after the captain of the aircraft.

If you love airplanes, freedom of movement, excitement and you know how to act in emergency situations, and if you would like to sit in a real cockpit and find out what it’s all about, this is the event for you.

We'll fly and you'll perform the role of pilot

Pre-flight briefing – we will tell you how to fly the aircraft.

And then you just have to fly yourself. :-)


The event timetable
Meeting at the Prague – Letňany airport 10 min
Pre-flight briefing60 min
Boarding the plane, departure to the route45 min
Return to the airport, debriefing and “pilot certificate” issuance15 min
Event lengthapprox.  2h 30 min

Information on the Pilot Experience event

Information on the flight
Departure:Prague – Letňany
Number of passengers:For 1 person or 3 people: 1 pilot + you can take up to 2 passengers (all max. 250 kg)
Flight time:1 h briefing + 30 minutes flight
Event length:approx. 2.5 hours
Suitable for:Anyone with or without flying experience from 16 years of age
Aircraft:3 people – Cessna 172 or 1 person – Cruiser PS28

We have only modern aircraft

We have only modern and new aircraft. Before the flight you will become familiar with the aircraft, we will do all the pre-flight preparation together. We will also discuss the flight scenario in detail and you will receive emergency instructions :-))

Gift voucher

We will issue a gift voucher for this flight. The voucher is valid for 1 year.

Pilot courses

Renata Londzinová

Pilot Training Courses

For information about pilot training and for sightseeing flights booking, please call:

The service is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you don’t get through right away, count on us to call you back.

Watch a demonstration video

You will fly the best aircraft for sightseeing flights Cessna 172SP or Cruiser PS28

You will fly in a great American-made aircraft designed for sightseeing flights. With the wings up high, you have an amazing view of the landscape below.

Cessna 206 StationAir 2010

You can then continue your pilot training until you obtain your pilot’s licence.

Photos from the Pilot Experience event

Let´s do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...

Let's do it!

Looking forward to flying with you...
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