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Online calculations to more than 20 destinations from and to Czech Republic:

Save your time and enjoy your business trips in private airplane!

Avoid traffic jams and speed limits!

Do you dream – while stuck in a traffic jam on the D1 or a similar “high-speed” highway – about taking off and continuing to your destination regardless of the traffic situation? Call us. We fly daily to many destinations across Europe.

What can you fly with?

We have a whole range of aircraft available for these flights. We will offer you the best choice for a particular flight with respect to the cost and number of passengers on board.

Flying small aircraft has its magic as well as some limits

However it is a fantastic experience to fly a small aircraft, combining the pleasure with your business travel, these flights depends to suitable weather conditions. You will receive information about the possibility only upon telling us your exact scheduled date. Aircraft have some limitations – the car is more suitable means of transport in bad weather conditions. Our weather forecast is reliable for about 2 days in advance.

How to book a flight

Call us for more information and calculation of your flight. You should ideally reserve your flight at least 2 days in advance.


excl. airport charges and 21% VAT


CESSNA C172: 3 passengers, speed 110 kt

DIAMOND DA40: 3 passengers, speed 140 kt

CIRRUS SR22T: 3 passengers, speed 170 kt

Piper Meridian: up to 5 passengers, speed 270 kt

Hawker 400 XP: up to 7 passengers, speed 420 kt