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Ultralight CTSW rental


2 passengers
Speed 230 km/h

Basic parameters of the aircraft CTSW



Cruising speed

230 km/h

Maximum range

2 000 km

Maximum altitude

4 300 meters

Fuel consumption

14 liters per hour

CTSW - currently the most modern ultralight aircraft

For pilots who want to fly new, reliable and comfortably equipped aircraft.

CTSW Prague

Problem-free aircraft rental

Available especially to pilots who want to fly modern and reliable aircraft and for whom safety and comfort is important.

It is quite simple to agree upon a full day or several days' rental with hangar parking outside Letňany airport. Also for business travel within the country and trips abroad.


What you need to rent the aircraft at any time

  • Valid ULL pilot qualification licence
  • Limited radio communication licence
  • Valid rental agreement
  • Pilot insurance coverage with CZK 200 000 deductible
  • CTSW qualification

Insurance coverage can be obtained from pilot insurance coverage

Flights in Ruzyně (Vaclav Havel airport) controlled airspace and abroad

The aircraft is equipped with a mode S responder, therefore you may land at Ruzyňe with no need to bypass CTR and TMA space of this airport. This is quite beneficial in Prague. :-) You will appreciate the responder abroad where the S mode is required for higher flight levels.

Prices for rental and training

CTSW aircraft


Total w/o VAT

Aircraft rental 20 h

100 €

2 000 €

Instructor 20 h

27 €

540 €

Theoretic lessons in English (50h)

27 €

1 350 €

Total UL training

3 890 €

Another pilot qualifications

Private pilot training

Qualification for night flying - NIGH

Air trips to Europe

Look at the offer of aeronautical experience, we provide for our pilots and interested in flying.

Low rental price

100 € per hour

State-of-the-art aircraft, fully equipped at low price.

Cruising speed 230 km/h 

For pilots to download

Checklist CTSW

Pilot operation handbook


Glass cockpit Dynon 180

The aircraft is designated for demanding pilots

The advanced equipment of this aircraft makes it suitable especially for pilots who want to fly advanced and powerful aircraft. CTSW is more demanding with respect to pilot Náročný pilotskills compared to standard ultralight aircraft and places higher demands on the pilot.

Come and get CTSW flight training and you will be able to rent the aircraft as you wish

PPL(A) pilot training to acquire UL pilot licence

If you don´t have an ultralight pilot's licence, come and get the required training and through the reduced training curriculum you will also acquire the ULL pilot licence. New flying opportunities will be opened for you, at much lower costs and you will be able to land where you would not be able to take off with a Cessna.

The aircraft is intended for demanding pilots

The advanced equipment of this aircraft makes is suitable especially for pilots wanting to fly UL aircraft with the power and comfort of a large aircraft.


State-of the art equipment

CTSW is equipped with the most powerful engine for ultralight aircraft - ROTAX 912 ULS 100 HP. Thanks to this engine and negative flap (specialty of this aircraft), the cruising speed is 230 km/h.



Modern aviation GPS with current flight maps for Europe.

Dynon 180 + autopilot


Transponder - S mode

Garmin 327

TCAS - Anti collision system


ILS and radio-navigation resources


In combination with a radio capable of receiving radio navigation signals, VOR or ILS navigation features can be used.

Garmin SL30

Indispensable ELT for flights over Europe



EASA approved training organization

We fly from Praha Letňany Airport (terminal station, metro C)  Metro C Letňany

Opportunity to fly from Prague - Letňany this is an excellent opportunity to save time by not having to drive to an airport outside Prague. The airport is close to the Letňany metro C terminal station.

Call phone number +420 775 585 995 for reservations and information.

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