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Ultralight Europe Pilot Licence

Ultralight pilot licence ULL(A)

An ultralight licence (or Microlight pilot licence MPL) is the easiest accessible alternative to enjoy the fantastic experience of flying under your own control.

Pilot licence for ultralight

Demonstration flight

Come and try how it feels to fly an aircraft and what the training is about. We will respond to your questions related to aircraft and training and we will fly aircraft for 30 minutes.

Price 145 €


You will fly the most modern UL aircraft

The CTSW aircraft stands out for its safety. If most ULL aircraft are too cramped for you then you will appreciate the spacious cabin in this aircraft.

The aircraft is equipped to a very high standard so you will feel that you are flying a much more mature aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with screens, autopilot, anti-collision system, as well as an emergency parachute system for your safety.

The bad part is that after this, you will no longer want to fly older and under-equipped UL aircraft. :-)

Pilot licence ULL(A)

Microlight licence picture

The ULL pilot´s licence authorizes you to fly all aircraft in this category

Student pilot requirements:

  • Check-up by aviation medicine specialist
  • Minimum age 15 years. No upper age limit
  • 45 hours of ground training
  • The basic outline assumes at least 20 flight hours in training. 
  • The duration of training is determined by yourself, according to your time and financial capabilities. Standard time is usually 4 - 8 months.

Trouble-free aircraft rental following completion of training

Following training the aircraft is available especially to pilots wanting to fly modern and reliable aircraft and for whom safety and comfort is important. It is quite simple to agree upon a full day or several days' rental with hangar parking outside Letňany airport. Find the rental conditions here.

Why should you have training with us

  • Your training will be guided by experienced instructors with large aircraft rating
  • You will fly the most modern aircraft - CTSW or ROKO NG6
  • During training you will acquire experience with flying in controlled airspace
  • To start with, the training will focus on flying experience in Europe
  • Training without the need to leave Prague. We are located on metro C line - Praha Letňany
  • Individual approach to each client and many additional advantages that you will appreciate

Demonstration flight

Training on the the most modern ultralight aircraft at present

Flight Design CTSW
Ultralight airplane

Roko NG rental

UL pilot licence price

3.690 €

You do not have to pay for training in advance.

Individual payments are due after completion of each flight, i.e. the installments are spread over an extended period.

The prices are listed without landing charges and 21% VAT

Get your pilot's licence. We have the best aircraft for your training and travel purposes.

Your own flight trips within the Czech Republic and Europe

All this is possible with CTSW aircraft

There is nothing more beautiful than to decide tomorrow and fly to Croatia, Vienna or ´"just" for a weekend in the Alps or to ski in the Tatras. Of course you will have to rent the skis, but when the weather is good, you will be in Poprad within two hours from Prague. Air travel is magic and especially: It can be accomplished and very accessible today.

This is what a flight to Croatia over the Alps looked like(weekend trip)

Do you also dream - while stuck in a traffic jam on the D1 or a similar "high-speed" highway - about taking off and continuing to your destination regardless of the traffic situation? I may sound gleeful but it is just an unbelievable feeling to fly to Brno over a congested highway. Aircraft have their limitations as well, for example in bad weather the car is a more reliable means of transport. But it is great to have a choice.

Price of UL training on ROKO NG6 aircraft

CTSW aircraft


Total w/o VAT

Aircraft rental 20 h

90 €

1 800 €

Instructor 20 h

27 €

540 €

Theoretic lessons in English (50h)

27 €

1 350 €

Total UL training

3 690 €

The prices are listed without 21% VAT and landing fees. Average landing fees are 195 € total. You pay continuously as you fly.

Upon completion of the training you may rent aircraft for your trips at any time.

PilotOnward pilot rating

Private pilot licence training

If you want to fly larger aircraft with more passengers.

Flying trips throughout Europe

Take a look at our offer of flying trips that we organize for our pilots and for those interested in flying.

We fly from Praha Letňany Airport (terminal station, metro C)  Metro C Letňany

Opportunity to fly from Prague - Letňany this is an excellent opportunity to save time by not having to drive to an airport outside Prague. The airport is close to the Letňany metro C terminal station.

Call phone number +420 775 585 995 for reservations and information.

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