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Flying tour Prague - Karlovy Vary

We will visit the most famous spa town of the Czech Republic.

Mapa vyhlídkového letu

Mapa vyhlídkového letu

Spa Colonnade

Karlovy Vary thermal spring

Flight path and action's description

Departure Prague - Letňany. Flight path traverses the Karlstejn castle which we will enjoy along the route. The whole flying time is probably 40-50 minutes. Event's price includes all the costs needed for the flight. It doesn't include the transportation from airport to the town . At this action the guide isn't available. 

Here you can draw an inspiration for a day spent in Karlovy Vary.

Action's scenario

Departure from the airport Prague Letňany. The whole flying time 50 minutes.


Arrival to Karlovy Vary


Town sight-seeing

c. 7 hours

Meeting at airport. Departure from Karlovy Vary


Arrival - Prague


Book today and fly tomorrow. We fly (almost) every day.

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Most of our participants leave our plane absolutely excited and full of this new experience.

Price includes everything needed and even in case of the flight extension you will not pay other charges.

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Pick up from your hotel to airport
transport from hoteland back for only 60 €

Pickup from metro terminal station Letnany (LINE C) for free.

Flight reservation

Phone.: 00420 775 585 995 email:

From where we fly:

Prague Letňany or Vodochody
Private International Airport


With regard to weather we fly every day.

Flying time:

2 x 40-50 minutes

Duration of action:

1 day

Suitable for:

Without age limitation.

Maximum weight:

3 people, max 250 Kgs


Cessna 172 / Cessna 210

Экскурсионно-обозревательный полет Прага - Карловы Вары

Letecký výlet Praha - Karlovy Vary

We fly all year from Airport Praha Letnany. The cabin is well-heated.

Book your flight on (00420) 775 585 995.
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