Wanna fly a real plane or helicopter? The best experience in Prague!

What is it like to be a real pilot? Our team of professional pilots can arrange such experience even to those who never touched anything in the cockpit.

Pilot Experience

If you love planes, freedom, excitement and you look at the sky always you hear a plane since childhood – this is an event exactly for you. What attracts you more – planes or helicopters?

You will find out if you are talented for plane flying and if you can solve emergency situations in calm.

You will prepare your flight together with a professional pilot, plan the route and draw it in a map, check the activation of various air spaces, pre-set the board instruments, check the current meteorological conditions, carry out the pre-flight plane check and learn how to request a takeoff permission. You will listen to the right phraseology at the communication with a control tower and as a second pilot you will repeat the pre-flight tasks after the plane captain.

How to fly an airplane?

You can choose airplane or helicopter

You will get acquainted with a plane before the flight and you will make the whole pre-flight preparation together with your pilot. You will also talk over the whole flight scenario and you will get all the instructions for unexpected cases 😊


Aircraft Crew Price
Airplane Cessna 150 1 pilot 240 €
Airplane Tecnam P2002 1 pilot 240 €
Airplane Cessna 172 1 pilot + 2 passengers 300 €
Airplane Diamond DA40 1 pilot + 1 passengers 310 €
Airplane Cirrus SR22 1 pilot + 2 passengers 440 €
Airplane Cessna 206 1 pilot + 3 passengers 480 €
Helicopter Robinson R44 1 pilot + 2 passengers 520 €

Price 240 €

For 1 person

Price includes everything needed and even in case of the flight extension you will not pay extra charges.

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How you can find us in Prague:

Airport Prague Letnany (LKLT)
Areal Stara Aerovka
Hulkova ulice III/213
197 00 Praha 9 – Kbely
More info and map


+420 775 585 995

Renata Londzinová
flights & aircraft bookings

The safety is always at the first place

We operate new and safe planes only, driven by professional pilots and instructors with longtime flying experience.

We can drive you to the airport and back to your hotel!

Transfer from your location to Letnany Airport and back for max 4 people

For only 60 €

Letnany airport is 25 minutes walking distance from the subway station Letňany (line C). See the map here

Pick up at the subway station Letnany for free.

Cessna C150: 1 passenger
Price: 240 €

Cessna C172 SP: 2 passengers
Price: 300 €

Diamond DA 40: 2 passengers
Price: 310 €

Tecnam P2002 JR: 1 passenger
Price: 240 €

Robinson R44: 2 passengers
Price: 520 €

Cirrus SR22: 2 passengers
Price: 440 €

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Pick-up from hotel and back for 60 €