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Contacts and information for pilots

Reservation of aircraft and information on training

+ 420 775 585 995

Petr Špaček, head of flight operations

Pre-flight briefing

Weather, AUP, AIP..

Aircraft schedules

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Insurance coverage covering pilots with respect to damage to aircraft

You may take out the insurance policy online - at Aeroweb pilot insurance

What do you need to rent the aircraft at any time?

  1. Valid pilot qualification at least at the level of private aircraft pilot SEP LAND
  2. Valid medical check-up, at least class 2
  3. Radio communication licence
  4. Valid rental agreement
  5. Aircraft type training
  6. Our recommendation is to have aircraft damage deductible insurance.


AeroPrague.com Flight school
Areál Stará Aerovka
Hůlkova ulice III/213
197 00 Praha 9 - Kbely
Czech Republic

Billing information
Mavisys, s.r.o.
Loosova 355/12
638 00 Brno
IČO: 25583778 | DIČ: CZ 25583778
č.ú.: 587490001/5500

Map of our location at the airport

Zvětšit mapu  

Metro C terminal station - Letňany. Stará Aerovka premises. Link to map

Equipement avaiable to pilots

Garmin Aera 500

Jeppesen JeppView

Garmin Aera 795


Quality navigation with current data for the whole of Europe.

Jeppesen maps


Software for preflight preparation and flight planning. Including maps and airspace for the whole of Europe.

On-board oxymeter

oxymeterTo check blood oxygen saturation for flights at higher altitudes.


Current state-of-the-art hand-held navigation from Garmin.

Displays 3D terrain model taxiing maps, etc. A very nice little gadget

bosea20BOSE A20 headset

Our pilots can rent state-of-the-art aviation headphones. Once you try them, you will understand what silence on board means :-)).

Cameras GoPro HERO4 for perfect shots from the flight

We are even recording the ATC communication via intercom. :-)

GOPRO Hero 4
For pilots we also have available the latest GoPro cameras HERO4. To rent separately or for recording 3D video.


Do you need to be tomorrow anywhere in Europe?

We fly daily from Prague, Brno & Ostrava all over Europ.



Our instructors

People are the most valuable thing we have :-)

Martin Kuba

Instructor FI(A), head of training

Instruktor Martin Kuba

Martin is experienced and calm instructor. He has more than 1500 flight hours of which more than 1,000 hours as an instructor. His biggest passion is flying around the Europe. He already implemented dozens of flights around Europe to many different destinations. Except for flying, his passion is also para-gliding.

Petr Špaček

Instruktor FI(A), CPL(A)/IR, ATPL, Head of Flight Operations

Instructor Petr Špaček

You will like Peter because of his insight and joy during every flight you will have with him. Very experienced pilot a instructor  with more than 100 flight hours.

Zdeněk Anýž

Instruktor FI(A), first officer Boeing 737

Instruktor Zdeněk Anýž

Zdeněk je zkušený a pohodový instruktor a dopravní pilot. Nálet přes 1 500 hodin. V současnosti létá na B 737 ve společnosti Travel Service.

Richard Milták

Instruktor FI(A), pilot CPL

Instruktor Richard Milták

Commercial pilot, CPL, ATPL, MEP, SEP, IR(A), FI(A), ICAO English prof. lvl. 6. He was flying for long time in Austria and was gaining his flying experience around the whole Europe. Richard is very patient and calm instructor, who can pass you a lot of experiences.

Zdeněk Kadlec

Instruktor FI(A), test pilot ULL(A), former fighter pilot

Instruktor Zdeněk Kadlec

Zdeněk is real aviation legend and his insight and cool attitude to flight training was awarded by hundreds of starting pilots, that Zdeněk taught to fly safely during his long career in aviation.

He has more than 7000 hours as professional pilot. He has experiences on many different types of aircraft including jets. JAK–11, „MIGs", „Sukhoys", Dolphins, Albatros, L–410, L–610 and many others. As an instructor he has more than 3 000 flight hours. He was working also as test pilot in Research Institute of Aviation in Kbely.

Libor Frebort

Instructor UL aircraft

Instruktor Libor Frebort

Libor started to fly in 1990 on motor hang-glider.  He is flying on Micro-Light aircraft from 2000. Libor is very experienced instructor with more than 2000 instructing flight hours. Qualifications: ULL instructor, controlled flights VFR, test pilot. PPL A (night). His hobby is flying abroad and competitions with UL, as a member of National Team.
His greatest achievements: 3rd place on World Championship in 2009.

Ctirad Matyáš

Iinstructor on UL aircraft

Instruktor Ctirad Matyáš

Radek is experienced and very patient instructor of UL aircraft. He has totally of more than 1000 flight hours of which cca 150 hours are on airplanes.

We are looking forward to flying with you.. :-))


EASA approved training organization

We fly from Praha Letňany Airport (terminal station, metro C)  Metro C Letňany

Opportunity to fly from Prague - Letňany this is an excellent opportunity to save time by not having to drive to an airport outside Prague. The airport is close to the Letňany metro C terminal station.

Call phone number +420 775 585 995 for reservations and information.

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