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Cirrus SR22  for rent
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Cirrus SR22T Garmin Perspective


4 passengers
Speed 320 km/h

Basic parameters Cirrus SR 22T

Number of PAX

Pilot and 3-4 PAX

Cruising speed

165 kt (305 km/h)


1 400 km


7 600 meters

Fuel flow

65 liters per hour


683 000 €

Luxury airplane for traveling around the Europe

The most modern avionics and biggest comfort in the cockpit. Fully equipped. This airplane is a challenge.

Garmin Synthetics Vision
Infrakamera v letadle
Protisrářkový systém
Radar počasí
Záchranný padákový systém CAPS

Synthetic Vision

Immediate information about safe distance from obstacles


Deer on the runway? Romantic. If not actually landing. :-)

Anti-collision system

Information about nearby aircraft on the primary display.

Actual weather

Current radar reflections directly on the primary display.

Emergency parachute

Even an experienced pilot doesn't know when it will be needed

Avionika Garmin
Satelitní telefon


Certified to known icing conditions. FIKI

Oxygen system

Higher altitude = hiogher speed and possibility to avoid bad weather

Garmin Perspective

Modern equipment controlled by keyboard

Satellite phone

Calls and messages during the whole flight


Perfect solution for hot days and places.

Make a conversion to a Cirrus with full equipment

Make a decision to move forward with your pilot qualification to another level.

Cirrus is a challenge for everyone, who wants to fly on modern airplane and move forward with his flying experience.

During the conversion on this type we will teach you how to you all the systems of this aircraft , we will train emergency procedures, standard flight regimes and engine management. All airplanes with turbocharger are very sensitive to beginner's mistakes.

You will learn many practical experiences with flying in this type from experienced instructors, that have hundreds of hours on this type.

  • Theoretical preparation 10 hours
  • Practical part 5 hours of flying

Call any time and let's fly :-)

Price for rental and training

Rental of Cirrus SR 22

Price without VAT

Airplane rental

370 €


35 €

Conversion on this type

2 025 €

On Cirrus we usually charge the flight hour without fuel, that is later charged according to actual fuel consumption known after flight from fuel consumption measuring equipment on board.

Fuel consumption on these aircrafts  really depends on the type of flight . For flying traffic patterns fuel flow is about 120 liters and for cross-country flights with 75% power setting in FL 100 around 65 liters/hour.

And for next business trip or lunch in Europe you will fly with modern ad fat airplane.

Přeškolení DA40

More pilot qualifications

Training flights around the Europe

Have a look on our offer for flight tours that we are organizing for our clients and those interested in flying.

Night Rating

Enroute IFR

Emergency Procedures


EASA approved training organization

We fly from Praha Letňany Airport (terminal station, metro C)  Metro C Letňany

Opportunity to fly from Prague - Letňany this is an excellent opportunity to save time by not having to drive to an airport outside Prague. The airport is close to the Letňany metro C terminal station.

Call phone number +420 775 585 995 for reservations and information.

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