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Airplane Castle Tours around Prague

The most beautiful from the Prague surroundings. We will come back 600 years to the history. Big circle by plane 60 minutes for 3 people.



We will visit the most wonderful places north of Prague

Castle Houska


Máchovo lake and Doksy city


What you will see along the route 


Romantic chateau of Mělník.


Kokořín castle is ranked among the cursed castles that already cannot be repaired according to the emperor Ferdinand. Today it's a favourite monument.


Castle of Houska. According to the newest findings resulting from archaeological research the castle was founded in decade of 1270 – 1280 by Přemysl Otakar II. The castle is located in a picturesque corner of Czechia, surrounded by nice natural landscape.


Máchovo lake. Current name after significant poet Mácha was suggested in 1938 by a touring alliance in Doksy. Karel Hynek Mácha was here for six times, first time in 1832. The second version of name is that everybody goes to this lake to splash here in summer but historical sources don't mention this version.


Bezděz castle. Bezděz is emblazoned with many secrets.It's said that monks have hidden a treasure here. Even Bedřich Smetana listened to this legend and on its topic made the opera of Secret. Another legend narrates a tale about mysterious hall. Through this hall should have run to village Kunhuta with her son Václav for who the castle had become an involuntary prison. 

You will fly with the best plane for sight-seeing flights

Cessna   Cessna

Length of route 150 km. Flight duration 50-65 minutes according to the plane type and meteorological conditions. The flight is realized with a reliable plane Cessna 172 or Piper 28 Archer. The price is final even in case of flight extension for example due to weather, you will not pay other charges. The price includes all the charges needed for flight realization.

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Price includes everything needed and even in case of the flight extension you will not pay other charges.

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Flight reservation

Phone.: 00420 775 585 995 email:

From where we fly:

Prague Letňany
Private International Airport


With regard to weather we fly every day.

Flying time:

60 minutes
It's a possibility to extend

Duration of action:

c. 1 hour

Suitable for:

Without age limitation.

Maximum weight:

3 people, max 250 Kgs


Cessna 172

Экскурсионно-обозревательная трасса - крепости Чешской Республики

Vyhlídkový let Bezděz, Máchovo jez.

Cessna 172 Airplane

Cessna 172 SP

E-mails from our participants

I would like to thank a pilot Mr Ivan for the professional approach and realization of wonderful experience for my husband. He had been already dreaming for a long time about flying by plane and it was a really successful gift. Boženka K., Křivoklát

Hello Vojtěch, I would like to thank you because on Saturday everything succeeded even if I was hesitating about the term and number of people in the flight crew until the last moment. Thank you very much. Jiří Vaněk, Hostivice.

Good morning, I would like to thank you for the great Tuesday's sight-seeing. It succeeded on 100% and we were very satisfied. Maybe I will even recommend you to somebody ;-). Luboš z Říčan

Have a nice day, I would like to thank you for the nice gift for my grandfather. He liked the flight very much and so his secret wish has come true. Jana L. Praha

You fly the best airplane for sightseeing flights Cessna 172 SP Garmin 1000


The safety is always at the first place

  1. safety_firstWe have only the new and safety planes
  2. Professional pilots – instructors with longtime flight experience 
  3. Pleasant and friendly environs
  4. We will adjust the flight date according to your requirements
  5. We fly during the whole year
  6. Low costs on the flying hour

We fly all year from Airport Praha Letnany. The cabin is well-heated.

Book your flight on (00420) 775 585 995.
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